Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cartoon Wars

Cartoon Wars is an arcade war game that combined “Defence Genre” and “RTS”.

- In the Cartoon World, there were two tribes: “black and white cartoon” tribe and “color
tribe. For thousands of years, “black and white cartoon” were the slaves of “color” tribe. Heroes of “black and white cartoon” tribe united to overcome the violent oppression and to free the tribe. So the war begins…
- You must become a hero of the “black and white cartoon” tribe to free your cartoons.

You must create special and unique units and must conquer the enemy’s castle.

-Right button:Adjust angle of the bow and Shoot arrow
-Mid button: Produce units

-You can upgrade units, castle, bow, productivity, and others with the money you earn in the war.

Special characteristics:
-Attack enemies with the bow installed on the castle.
-Over 30 different types of units.
-16 different upgrades for units, bows, and productivity related.
-Becomes Veteran unit when units are fully upgraded.
-Unlimited numbers of stages
-Online ranking system

- To capture the enemies castle, it is effective to produce as many units as possible at once.
- It is very helpful to use arrow effectively.
- If you upgrade 'Mana Booster' located behind the castle, your maximum Mana will increases and mana production increases