Thursday, August 6, 2009

Cartoon Wars Q&A

1. Mana level caps at 1500 not allowing for stronger units to be produced.

If you save up enough mana, you can upgrade it by tapping on the statue behind your castle. This upgrade will increase production and the maximum number of mana you can store up.

2. My device is Jailbroken. Is that a problem?

Yes. Jailbroken devices have much less usable system memory than normal devices. This is due to the inclusion of always-running applications and plugins such as mobile substrate, winterboard etc. Wallpapers and other fancy attachments made possible by jailbreaking also eat up system memory. All these translate to less usable system memory and higher probability of games/apps crashing due to low memory situation.

The best solution is not to jailbreak your device। There is a reason why Apple do not support jailbreaking. Jailbreaking adds a lot of nice-to-have bells and whistles at the expenses of system stability. In some cases, even basic functionality such as SMS and Phone calls can be adversely affected. If you have to jailbreak your device, make sure to run as little plugins and wallpapers in order to minimize the amount of usable system memory consumed.

3. I upgraded the shooter to level 5 and then when I used him he was a ninja as if I tapped the ninja and has the same stats as my ninja.

This bug fixed in v1.0.1.

4. How can you get that cloud thing?

You can get more units include cloud monster in v1.0.2.

5. How to on safemode?