Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cartoon Wars - Gunner

“Cartoon Wars Gunner” is an Arcade & Action game with variety of weapons and skills and is a spin-off game of the Original Cartoon Wars.

Hero of Cartoon Wars, Captain J, had had been attacked by assassins sent by the King who envied him. Captain J survived but it left him a serious injury so he had to flee and hide deep in a mountain.

While J was resting and being healed, he determines for a revenge to the King who betrayed.

-Collections of weapon-exchange system
-Wide range of upgrade system
-11 types of weapons
-Each weapon has different but inherent skills
-30 different types of enemies

Game Play:
-Joy-stick at the left-bottom controls your character
-Button at the right-bottom to fire weapon
-Icon on the left-top to change weapon
-Buy weapons or upgrade weapons with gold you gain from slaying enemies