Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cartoon Wars 2: Heroes

Cartoon Wars 2 is an arcade war game that has been adopted from two previous successful games: Cartoon Wars and Cartoon Wars: Gunner. This new game is simple and enjoyable.

After long-fought battle, Captain J expelled King K and his army, and the people anoint Captain J as their new King. The people believed there will finally be peace. However, King K and his army promise to take revenge on Captain J, so they go on a journey in search of the King of the Monsters TALOS…

-80 different kinds of units
-20 different skills
-Stronger strategy with the new addition of aircraft units
- 6 heroes
-Create and develop your hero through the hero mode
- Choice of various missions before battle
- Various upgrading systems

Battle Mode Control:
-Left controller for aiming arrows
-Right button at the bottom for shooting arrows
-Double tap the statues to upgrade mana boost
-Tap the icons at the bottom to activate and produce unit and skills

Hero Mode Control:
-Left bottom controller for moving characters
-Right button at the bottom for shooting weapons